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What We Offer
  • Quality Acrylic Aquariums
  • Cabinetry
  • Steel Support Frames
  • Filtration
  • Artifitial Inserts
  • Non-Aquaria Products
  • CNC Machining
  • On-Site Fabrication
  • Installation
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Midwest Custom Aquarium

Welcome to Midwest Custom Aquarium, a leader in custom acrylic aquarium design and manufacture focusing on attention to detail, highest quality, reasonable lead times, and overall customer satisfaction. We are not the middleman; we are the fabricator.

We design and build high quality custom acrylic aquariums and related components for private homes, businesses, zoos, research facilities, public aquariums and other educational institutions. Though the bulk of our fabrication is for aquaria, we also built a lot of research vessels, lab tanks, high-end displays, trade show tanks, acrylic props, museum cases, etc.

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An old-fashioned work ethic and the fabrication of a quality product over many years have allowed us to establish a solid reputation. No Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube, no hype. When you speak with us, we take the time necessary to explain anything you have questions about or need recommendations on.You will not be transferred around from one person to another and will not have trouble reaching the person you need to talk to regarding your inquiry. Messages and emails are returned promptly. Lead times are met. Pricing is always competitive.

With our well-equipped shop, extensive experience, and large thermoforming oven we have full fabrication capabilities and are able to offer tanks of any size and virtually any shape, limited only by your imagination.

We are likely able to make your dream tank affordable when other manufacturers cannot, and specialize in large aquariums and custom shapes. Attention to detail and quality is of high importance. We use full gauge Polycast brand acrylics whenever possible in the construction of our aquariums.

This domestic acrylic is widely recognized by reputable aquarium manufacturers and the plastics industry as the highest quality acrylic available. One of only a couple brands that is Made in USA.

Insist that your investment is produced from a domestically produced acrylic as no other will perform as well in the long run. No imports allowed. Midwest Custom Aquariums’ tanks are guaranteed for a lifetime against leakage due to manufacturer’s defect.We are not limited to just aquariums. We either fabricate or supply all the components you may need for your system, including wet/dry (trickle) filters, mechanical and chemical filters, protein skimmers, heaters, chillers, a variety of pumps, lights, ultraviolet sterilizers, refugiums, artificial reef inserts, rockwork, etc. We also put together a lot of powder coated steel frames, custom wood cabinetry and finishing, laminating, pre-plumbed filtration systems, etc. All done in-house.

Each of the above is integrated to work specifically with the tank you order so you do not have the hassle of coordinating the details necessary to insure they all work together. We will supply anything from individual components to complete high-end turnkey systems, installed anywhere in the US and beyond.

It is our hope that by looking through this site you can make yourself familiar with some of the major aspects of aquarium system and tank design before you buy, and hope you will find the pages and information of this website informative and useful. All pictures in this site are of our own aquariums, our own cabinetry, our own frames, filtration etc. All built in our shop, by us. No robbing pictures from other sites or paying somebody else for use of theirs.

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