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Standard Aquarium Features

Below are some of things we consider standard with our aquariums. Others may charge extra for some of these options but are included at no charge with all aquariums ordered from Midwest Custom Aquarium. If you would like to omit any of these or want something different just make sure to mention it when going over the details of your order.

Large Access Openings with Radiused Corners. Access holes in the top will have a radius in the corners. Openings that have sharp corners without a radius create a stress point in those corners which is susceptible to cracks. The radius is stronger and will distribute stresses more evenly. We keep service in mind as well. Openings are cut large enough to make access to the aquarium easy, while at the same time leaving enough bracing to give the tank the strength the top is designed to do.
Large Access Openings with Radiused Corners
Large Access Openings with Radiused Corners

Radius on Access Openings. The edges of the top openings are quite sharp if just left as is. We put a radius on the top edge and sometimes the bottom edge as well. This eliminates the sharp corner which is uncomfortable when servicing as it cuts into your arms. We do the same thing to the outer top edge of the aquarium if you let us know which side(s) the tank will be serviced from. This will keep the top edge from cutting into your body if leaning over it for service.
Radius on Access Openings

Drilled Holes. We have never charged to drill holes on our tanks. As long as you know what size and where we are happy to drill them for you. Some people prefer to drill their own while some like the convenience of having them all done so they don’t have to deal with it themselves.
Drilled Holes

Bulkhead Fittings. We include at no charge the drain and return bulkheads with our aquariums. They are the standard schedule 40 black bulkheads. They will be slip X slip and will accept standard PVC pipe which can be glued in with regular PVC cement. We make and install our own return nozzles in the bulkheads on the top of the aquarium. They can be placed anywhere and shoot water down at roughly a 45 degree angle for excellent circulation. PVC pipe is typically is routed up through the overflow unseen, and connected to the return fitting using a couple of 90 degree elbows as seen in the picture here. (PVC is not included) If you plan on using Loc-Line or other return apparatus and don’t want the 45 degree nozzle installed in the return bulkheads please specify.
Bulkhead Fittings
Bulkhead Fittings

Rounded overflow corners. The vertical corners on our overflows are also radiused over to eliminate the sharp edge. This is more appealing visually and eliminates sharp corners inside the aquarium which may be harmful to the aquarium inhabitants and anybody servicing it.
Rounded Overflow Corners

Free Packaging. From day one we have never charged to package up our products and don’t plan to start any time soon. Many others charge to crate things up and it isn’t a low fee. We don’t figure the associated costs into the price of the tank, we simply don’t charge for it. This helps keep your out-of-pocket costs lower. We also have good rates with freight carriers to help you get your tank to you at a manageable price.

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