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Acrylic Filtration Components

Midwest Custom Aquarium builds a lot of custom filtration components and can manufacture any of them in acrylic such as sumps, wet/dry filters, protein skimmers, refugiums, etc. We have our own basic as well as advanced designs but would prefer to build to your specs. Feel free to send us a drawing for review/quote.

Trickle filters are built with a drawer which holds a prefilter pad and slides out for easy change of the pad. Very user friendly and efficient. Most sumps and trickle filters are built custom to fit your space in order to maximize the holding capacity.

Some examples are pictured below with a very brief description.

Custom reef sump with filter socks.

Custom Reef Sump

Basic trickle filter.

Basic Trickle Filter

Refugium built to be housed above aquarium.


Custom reef sump with integrated refugium.

Custom Reef Sump

Custom shaped sump to fit tight space
aquarium sump

Simple sump.

Simple Sump

Batch of sumps for commercial installation.

Batch of Sumps

Sump built to customer provided drawing
sump built to customer provided drawing

Simple trickle filter without media.

Simple Trickle Filter

Custom sump built to specs
custom sump built to specs

Sump with bio-tower and built in refugium.

Sump with Bio-Tower

Large trickle filter with bio-tower (installed).

Large Trickle Filter

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