Standard Features

Below are some of things we consider standard with our aquariums. Some companies may charge extra for some of these options, but are standard with all aquariums ordered from us. No nickel and diming. If you would like to omit any of these or want something different, please make sure to mention it when going over the details of your order.

Bulkhead Fittings.

We include at no charge the drain and return bulkheads with our aquariums. They are the standard schedule 40 black bulkheads. They will be slip X slip and will accept standard PVC pipe which can be glued with regular PVC cement. Your plumbing will glue to the inside of these fittings. The returns can come through the top of the overflow, or can be placed anywhere on the top bracing of the tank.

Radiused corner access holes. Access holes in the top will have a radius in the corners. Openings that have sharp corners without a radius create a stress point in those corners which is susceptible to cracks. The radius is stronger and will distribute stresses more evenly. We keep service in mind as well. Openings are cut large enough to make access to the aquarium easy, while at the same time leaving enough bracing to give the tank the strength the top is designed to do.

Eased edges on access holes. The edges of the top openings are quite sharp if just left as is. We put a small radius on the top and bottom edge of all access holes. This eliminates sharp edges which are uncomfortable when servicing, as it cuts into your arms. We do the same thing to the outer top edge of the aquarium if you let us know which side(s) the tank will be serviced from. This will keep the top edge from cutting into your body if leaning over it for service

Hole drilling. We have never charged to drill/machine holes on our tanks. As long as you know what size you want, and where you want them, we are happy to drill them for you. Some people prefer to drill their own, while some like the convenience of having it done so they don’t have to deal with it themselves. If you do need to do it later, a normal hole saw will do the job on acrylic. Note that different brands of bulkheads with the same plumbing size can require different size holes through the acrylic

Polishing. The vertical seams of the tank that are seen will be polished. They are typically hand polished, not flame polished, with the exception of some small tanks. Since the top and bottom edges of the tank are normally covered by cabinetry, they are left unpolished as seen in the picture. If doing a rimless tank, the top edge is normally polished.

Free Packaging.
From day one we have never charged to package up most of our products and don’t plan to start any time soon. Many others charge to crate things up, and it isn’t a low fee. We don’t figure the associated costs into the price of the tank; we simply don’t charge for it. We ship a lot and have good shipping rates with freight carriers, so we are able to get your tank to you at a manageable price.