Limited Lifetime Warranty

Midwest Custom Aquarium’s (hereinafter MCA) acrylic aquariums are warranted for a lifetime against leakage due to manufacturer defect. The aquarium needs to be placed on an appropriate stand for the warranty to be valid. Any wood cabinetry or steel frame built by MCA for the aquarium will be considered appropriate. This warranty extends to the original purchaser of the tank only, and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

Conditions of Warranty:

The entire bottom of the aquarium must be fully and evenly supported on a flat, level surface at all times. The use of a stand that supports the tank around the perimeter only, as often used for glass tanks, will void the warranty. An appropriate stand for acrylic tanks will be strong enough to hold the weight and will have a top that is flat enough so that if the tank were set directly on it, there would be no dips or humps that would cause the tank bottom to not make contact with the top of the stand at any point before it is filled. For all practical purposes, the top of the stand must be as strong at any given point in the middle as it is on the perimeter. This means that a sheet of plywood cannot simply be set on top of a perimeter stand, as when filled with water the tank bottom could bulge down in the middle and put extra stress on the bonds.

There must be cross braces on the top of any stand before the flat stock is added, regardless if it is wood or steel. The top of the stand must have at a minimum one layer of ¾” flat stock, usually plywood. 2 layers are recommended with the top layer unattached so that shims can be driven between the 2 sheets to tighten up any voids if necessary. A layer of extruded polystyrene foam is also recommended between the stand top and the aquarium, to compensate for small imperfections in the top of the stand. Please call if you have any questions associated with stands for acrylic tanks.

The aquarium may not be modified or changed in any way other than by MCA without authorization. If you want to drill extra holes, bond something to the tank, etc., simply call first. Doing otherwise will void the warranty.

Mishandling, accidents, abuse, or Acts of Nature will void the warranty.

Scratches and crazing caused by use of inappropriate cleaners or chemicals will void the warranty. Use only water or cleaners made specifically for cleaning acrylic. No alcohol, Windex, Ajax, acetone, benzene, lacquer thinner, or other chemicals are allowable for use on acrylic and are likely to damage it.


The warranty is intended for tanks used solely as an aquarium used for keeping livestock. Any tank that is built as a tradeshow display, experimental lab vessel, or other non-aquarium use is not considered warranted. This includes any tanks that are repeatedly drained and filled as part of their use. In addition, any tank that is mobile in any way is not warranted. Educational tanks that travel from place to place, trailered tanks, tradeshow tanks that are repeatedly shipped and refilled, etc. are not covered under warranty.

Repair or replacement of the aquarium is at the discretion of MCA. MCA’s liability is limited to the replacement value of the tank only and does not extend to replacement of livestock, or any other consequential damages to persons or property. It is recommended that you check with your insurance to confirm that it would cover any damages arising from the unlikely event of a tank failure, as this insurance is the responsibility of the buyer and not provided by MCA. Aquariums determined to be defective will be replaced free of charge for the first 3 years from date of purchase.

Replacement value from years 3 to 6 will be at 50% of the prevailing price. Replacement after year 6 will be at 25% of the prevailing price. Shipping of tank to MCA, if required, is the responsibility of the purchaser. Shipping of the replacement to the purchaser will be the responsibility of MCA. MCA shall not be held liable for removal, installation, or any other incidentals incurred while obtaining warranty replacements

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