“We presented Midwest Custom Aquarium with a very unique request. We have the original Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station that was at the bottom of the Florida Everglades at our Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs. It was refurbished through a grant from the Battelle Corporation, and we wanted to highlight the artifact by showing the connection between sea and space by creating an underwater drone lab. The challenge for MCA was to build two, 700 gallon tanks for visitors and students to pilot the drones in underwater seascapes-one simulating the bottom of our oceans and the other simulating the oceans on Europa. The tanks are phenomenal and the whole setup is magnificent! The customer service and problem solving from Chris and his team throughout the whole process was second-to-none. MCA really rose to the challenge and thousands of students and visitors from around the world will get to have a one-of-a-kind experience thanks to their efforts.”

-Bryan DeBates
Vice President-Education
Space Foundation
Colorado Springs, CO


“My name is Derek and I own Tropical Reef Aquarium Maintenance LLC and Beyond Blue Aquariums LLC. Midwest Custom Aquarium is by far my favorite acrylic tank manufacturer. I have dealt with many others and the tanks that Chris at MCA fabricates meet and exceed all my expectations. Chris works with you so you receive a custom tank that not only looks amazing but also is thought out so that ongoing maintenance is easier. He takes the time to make sure all details are correct, holes are drilled exactly where you need them to be, and the list goes on. Feel confident if you are purchasing a tank from Midwest Custom Aquarium, you will be getting an amazing tank at a very reasonable price.”

-Derek Anderson
Owner, Tropical Reef Aquarium Maintenance, LLC
Beyond Blue Aquariums, LLC
Egg Harbor Township, NJ


"We asked Midwest Custom Aquarium to build us a 2,300 gallon aquarium to display trout in our Western Montana gift shop. Chris and I worked together over the phone and via email for a several months. Chris was super easy to work with and a great problem solver. Chris and his assistant personally drove the fiberglass/acrylic tank 1,100 miles to our business and installed the tank/life support system, as well as the artificial rockwork inside. A month later Chris drove out again to install the artificial rock work around the exterior of the tank. Everything looks amazing and functions perfect. It was a real pleasure working with Chris and I can't say enough about the quality of workmanship that went into our aquarium. "

-Gary Bullock-Owner
St. Regis Gift Shop
St. Regis, Montana


“We contracted Midwest Custom Aquarium for a set of custom acrylic tanks for a research facility at The George Washington University. We needed these tanks to house an apparatus that stood over 13 feet tall, and after contacting countless companies to build tanks of this size, and with the tight tolerances we needed, Midwest Custom Aquarium was one of the few companies that was willing to work with us. We could not be happier with the finished product. In addition to the acrylic tanks, Chris also furnished a black anondized aluminum frame that we then bolted to our own steel support structure to provide additional support. All of the critical dimensions came together flawlessly. What took doing business with Chris to the next level, was the personal attention he provided both during the manufacturing process, and after the product was delivered, when he was willing to come out to our site to provide additional support with issues we ran into during our testing. Midwest Custom Aquarium will be the first place our research group will turn to for future endeavors.”

-Noah Weichselbaum, PhD, PE
George Washington University
Washington, DC 20052


“I had an extraordinarily positive experience with Midwest Custom Aquarium and its owner Chris Boelke. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful aquarium executed seamlessly by true professionals. My project was a custom 2800gallon tank with fiberglass structure and acrylic windows, approximately 10' x 8' x 5'. I reached out to Midwest initially because of the abundant endorsements they have received from MonsterFishKeepers.com members (folks who really know what they are talking about). Chris spent a great deal of time with me on multiple phone calls, understanding my needs and helping me solve a plethora of challenges across all aspects of the build, from aquarium/stand/plumbing design, to project planning, to the actual execution and logistics. This aquarium had to be constructed on site in a small space. There were dozens of details – some large, some nitpicky – that were important to me, and I am sure that other aquarium builders would have become annoyed at the number and specificity of those details. But Chris, admirably, never once complained or sounded irritated. And in the end, the final product was even better than I had hoped for. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and a true problem solver. He takes pride in his work – all of which should inspire confidence in any prospective customer that he has both the skill and will to deliver an excellent product.”

Providence, Rhode Island


“We were thrilled to get our first set of tanks from Midwest Custom Aquarium many years ago! They were packed very well and the craftsmanship was second to none. Our customers really enjoyed their new tanks! It’s been over 10 years since our first order and not one complaint or issue yet! The tanks are built to last!”

-Leighton Lum
Owner, Aquatic Imports


“Chris and his team at Midwest Custom Aquarium is by far the best custom aquarium company we work with. We have been using them to fabricate custom aquariums for us for close to 20 years. Their quality and craftsmanship are second to none. We can't offer higher level of recommendation. If you're looking for a custom aquarium give Chris and his team a try."

-Adam Elkus,
Owner, Cincinnatti Aquarium Design
Cincinnatti ,OH


“Midwest Custom Aquarium” is the best acrylic manufacturer I have worked with. We have had many projects over the years that we needed custom bids for and they always come out the best value. They are a full service company, they even do our cabinetry for the custom tanks. We have had many tanks that had a good amount of lead time to get going and also many tanks that we needed to begin immediately, and Midwest Custom Aquarium has always come in on time and budget. It is fantastic to have a company that I can rely on to get things done when I need them and to have some of the best looking tanks I have ever seen.”

-Travis Dragan
Manager, New Wave Aquaria
Plymouth, MN


“We engaged Midwest Custom Aquarium to build a replacement for a large acrylic aquarium that is a focal point in our Nature Center. Chris was very helpful during the design phase, suggesting changes that made our new tank perfect for the space and application. They worked with us to schedule delivery and installation at a time that would least affect traffic in the Nature Center. The team that arrived for installation was wonderful to work with and were very accommodating to our curious and excited staff. The fact that the price was right was a bonus! I would recommend Midwest Custom Aquarium to anyone considering a large scale display aquarium – you can’t go wrong!”

-Tracey Koenig
Executive Director, Heckrodt Wetland Reserve
Menasha, WI


“As an owner of an aquarium maintenance company I am challenged regularly with my customers wanting a custom shaped aquarium or the best of the best. At Midwest Custom they seriously know how to construct an aquarium. I have ordered tanks from other companies and the quality is night and day difference. Chris specs out the acrylic thickness so you will have zero issues. Some other companies will go thinner to come in cheaper but you will have bowing and crazing in short order. I have ordered multiple tanks from Midwest. One of them needed to be done in 10 days. Another is a 250 gallon corner tank with oak stand which my customer loves. He has 2 other large aquariums from another company that he says repeatedly they look horrible next to Midwest’s.. As far as shipping, Midwest does a great job. I'm always nervous about the shippers handling these tanks. Not a scratch on them when I get them. I will continue to order from Midwest Custom Aquarium as they have met or exceeded the standards I want."

- Jason Piper
Owner, AquaFX Aquarium Maintenance
Shelby Township, MI


"We have used Midwest Custom Aquarium for years to fabricate acrylic enclosures for science museum exhibits that we have installed around the world. Chris is great to work with and his product is second to none."

-Evan Trickey,
Project Manager, Boss Display Corporation
Columbus, OH


“I've ordered tanks from the "other guys" and I've been very disappointed in the manufacturing lead time as well as workmanship. Midwest's tanks ship fast, their prices are very competitive, and the quality is top notch. We contact them first for all of our large custom aquarium needs.”

-Justin Ganz
Owner, Dolphin Design
Campbell, CA


“I have worked with many acrylic aquarium manufacturers and Midwest Custom Aquarium is shoulders above the rest. The level of detail and craftsmanship is apparent in the beauty and durability of the products and they always deliver what is promised. I highly recommend Midwest Custom Aquarium for you next aquarium project.”

-Jay Walker
Director of Operations, Great Lakes Aquarium
Duluth, MN


"Over the past 5 years I have worked with Chris and Midwest Custom Aquarium to build a number of custom aquarium systems ranging in size from 250 gallons to over 600 gallons. In each project there were multiple challenges that Midwest Custom Aquarium mastered, ranging from unique colors and forms, to complicated custom filtration systems. With every project the communication, customer service, quality, and value were exceptional. I would highly recommend Midwest Custom Aquarium and I look forward to working with them on future projects."

- Josh Hanson
Stillwater, MN


"HEY CHRIS, Just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job with the 3 acrylic tanks and stands. The tanks are BEAUTIFUL and the stands, well, I'll never have to worry about them giving way to the weight. Chris, I know that probably the only time you hear from people that have placed orders is when they have something to complain, or bitch about. I just wanted to be one of your customers that tells you how extremely pleased I am with the work you do and I also appreciated the one-on-one customer service you had with me, always answering my calls or returning them in a timely manner. And the price you quoted me didn't change after completion of the order.  Everything you have done for me shows that you take your work and your job seriously, you care about the quality of your work, and you offer the best customer service anywhere: person-to-person. That's rare these days. Thanks again, and I'll be in touch if I need anymore tanks (which I probably will in the near future)."

-Scott from GA